The Curves and Corners team are experts in Garden Creation and overhaul. With extensive knowledge in horticulture, C&C can make your garden dream become a reality, whether you want a low maintenance garden which requires less attention or you like to get your hands dirty with something a little more sophisticated. Curves and Corners can also turn that over grown garden back to the garden it once was. With a full overhaul including new soil, mulch, and plant trimming, Curves and Corners are your garden experts.

Wet Lay Natural Stone

Interlocking Stone

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Wet Lay Natural Stone can change the feel of any home and add a unbelievable feeling of elegance. Natural Stone can be used in many different ways; you can give those old steps a new look, add a beautiful walkway or patio, or give your pool a refreshing look with stone capping around the perimeter. With a wide selection of colors and shapes, natural stone is a great choice for your next landscape job.

The Curves and Corners team are experts in Interlocking Stone. Whether you're investing in your property by adding a new creation or fixing the existing brick. From contemporary stone and styles to classic interlock, C&C can provide all your interlocking needs. Patios, Walk ways, Stair cases, drive-way bans. Curves and Corner's excellent staff look forward to making your dream become a reality.

Garden Creation/Over Haul

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